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It's depressingly simple to get depressed
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God, I just love RTD~! Quote from his latest book: "I'm having a mini strike. I'm watching Supernatural on ITV2 instead. Those Supernatural boys turn me into a teenage girl. They're literally sooo handsome. OMG!!!"

That just sort of proves his oft-quoted comment about SPN was really just out of his fangirling about SPN. Alright, maybe not all fangirls (or even many fangirls) are like that but we all have our shallow parts. We own our shallow parts. I love RTD not just for his writing, but also for his unabashed fannishness, openness and lust for life.


Jan. 22nd, 2010 11:38 am
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I think my mood is directly related to the number of fics Chash ([ profile] longsufferingly) writes.
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After all these years, I'm amazed that I still keep forgetting I can love someone's work but don't like the person at all.
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I need to get back into the habit of writing but I’m always so easily distracted into doing something else.

So book reviews:

Keeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters
I bought it because it seemed to be one of those must-read lesbian coming-of-age books. But perhaps I shouldn't have expected too much of it. I lost interest real fast when it became clear to me the characters are not really engaging and the plot is predictable to say the least.

I appreciate her taking on rare topics like transgendered children and children of lesbian divorce in Luna and Between Mom & Jo. Although her writing is not much better in those two books, at least the premise and the characters are interesting enough to keep me going.

Psycop: Partners by Jordan Castillo Price
It’d been a long time since I read a novel I bought commercially that I can truly say is better than fanfiction (or least on a par with) that I can read for free. It’s the mark of truly good writing when the preface of sort is a half-page excerpt of the book and that alone has established the character and the premise and managed to grip me to read through the whole thing. Since the two paperback sequels are not available from bookdepository, I’ve bought the ebook version online and I planned to finish as soon as I can.

T Is for Television: The Small Screen Adventures of Russell T. Davies
I only came across this book via on-line bookstores. Thank God for them! I love RTD to bits. Especially because so many things about him resonate with me and inspire me - he's a much better version of what I wish I'd be. This book gives us an inside look at how various shows of his came about and developed. AND it tells us what the unmade Misfits series would be like - it's just a must-read for his fans & QAF fans!


Nov. 29th, 2009 09:35 am
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Just finished season 1 of Fringe. Love the relationship between the main characters (but not so much the characters) but really don't feel invested in the show at all.
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OMG, this fic/art has killed me!

Title: Fandom Wank Report: The Book of Enoch
Author: [ profile] gigglingkat
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: The Angelic Hosts (Supernatural Fandom)
Author's Notes: Much of the bible is kinda wanky. I noticed.
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I'm off to Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2009. It's my first convention ever. I hope it's going to be alright~
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"My Man Ackles"
It's J2! It's Jeeves & Wooster! (I never knew Jared & Bertie could be so alike!) And it's Chash(!), who's done a brilliant job with this Jeeves & Wooster AU! Aaarrrghhhh...! I'm running out of exclamation marks, I know. It's times like this that I wish I had more friends. I have friends who knows about J2, but to find someone who can appreciate how good a Jeeves & Wooster Chash's done, and how apt this AU - that's... that's why the internet is invented!


Aug. 4th, 2009 07:41 pm
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It's been over a month since I last wrote anything at all. I've sorted out my trip to Vancouver (for "Salute to Supernatural" \(^o\) (/o^)/) at the end of this month, and I'm taking baby steps towards sorting out my personal life. It scares me a little doing things on my own but it never feels better than taking charge of my life.
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Stressed out from work, so I did I what do best - run away from everything. And here is what I have to show for it, all the movies I've watched these two weekends:

quick-fire movie reviews behind cut )
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I noticed this post "Attn Germans in Fandom: Internet Censorship debate and why this concerns YOU)" only just now because I've been mostly away from the Internet for the past week (I'm terribly behind with my work at the office. I feel so incompetent that it's not even funny).

Around the time of the June 4th anniversary, I was secretly squeeing that people finally became more aware of the internet censorship in China. Why? Because I was hoping that a real-life example of what an infrastructure of censorship can do will finally make people see what the apparently innocuous, or even righteous, call for more censorship against obscenity that's been gaining political ground and moral high ground here.

It's so easy for the conservatives (and people with secret political motives) to sway public opinion to tightening control of the internet by framing the question in such a way that all anti-censorship people are pedophiles, perverts, depraved sex fiends who don't care that children are being "corrupted" by pornographic materials (I don't believe this is corruption for one bit - but then if I say this, this will only be cited as example of how depraved and evil I am). And for the same reason, no politician who cares about his career will stand up against censorship of pornography, if the whole debate is about pornography.
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I'd been looking forward to it for quite a while because Christian Bale is in it. But when the reviews came out, I thought maybe I should wait for the DVD because I didn't want to risk wasting my precious time :) if the problem is in the story. But then my brother went to see it and I decided to give it a chance.

Turns out this movie is not as bad as the reviews had made me believe. Of course you've got to suspend your disbelief quite a bit (esp. with how the clothes can magically survived so much fire) but it's quite an entertaining movie once you get past that - and it's rare for me to say but it's not that hard to put aside your logic when watching this movie because there's too much kick-ass action and bleak dystopia for your mind to wander.

And it doesn't hurt that Anton Yelchin is really cute and adorable~
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It's days like this that make me proud to be a Hong Konger:

150,000 people attended even after 20 years have passed. I'm so glad I went even though I've been busy as hell at work.
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The boys were disappointing (as expected) but like someone said in the stands, I didn't even know there were so many West Ham fans in Hong Kong:

(Note: The mascots weren't pre-arranged. The guy just rounded up all kids in West Ham shirts in the stands.)
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Late to the party (as usual), I only came across this epic series of fanvids just now. Only 3 of the 7 planned instalments are out so far but the concept and the quality is unbelievably good. Here is a synopsis of the series:

A long, long time ago, an immortal called Helin was rejected by fellow immortal Qingchen who fell in love with the demon Mingji. Qingchen's forbidden love affair got him condemned to live out seven lives as a human on earth. On the other hand, the furious Helin became evil and put a curse on Qingchen and Mingji - they would fall in love with each other in every life but their love would never have a happy ending. Little did Helin know that the love between the star-crossed lovers would became a force that could control Heaven, Hell and Earth after the seven reincarnations.

This may sound a bit cliched but the each video of the series is an epic tragic romance in its own right. One can only imagine how powerful it would be when the 7 instalments are finished!
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Now, THIS is bodyswap done right.

If only there were a genderswap drama done as realistically as this! I'm just so sick of boys getting several inches shorter just because they've turned into a girl. I want to see stories about them being six-foot-tall women. Honestly, what's wrong with that?
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I’m terribly behind with my work at the office and have never felt so unmotivated at work. I need a holiday. Or a kick up the backside. I’m stalling everything, and I’m hopelessly distracted. At some subconscious level, I know the deadlines are there. But I am still blatantly not looking at them. Perhaps because every time I look at them, I feel a bit worse about myself. I guess I just need someone to shake some sense in me, or just give me a slap.

Ahhh…… I’m feeling so much better now, now that I’m done feeling sorry for myself :)
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As I get older, my music taste had become stuck in the 90s. I don't listen to the radio any more. Nor do I watch the charts or hang out at HMVs. I only get to know any new music ("new" meaning any music I hadn't known before graduating from university) through movies, TV drama, fan vids or fan mixes.

That's why I'm so glad [profile] with_a_kay posted this Losechesters fanmix which introduced me to Camera Obscura's Let's Get out of This Country. It makes me inordinately happy to think about the Winchester boys when listening to this song:


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