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Late to the party (as usual), I only came across this epic series of fanvids just now. Only 3 of the 7 planned instalments are out so far but the concept and the quality is unbelievably good. Here is a synopsis of the series:

A long, long time ago, an immortal called Helin was rejected by fellow immortal Qingchen who fell in love with the demon Mingji. Qingchen's forbidden love affair got him condemned to live out seven lives as a human on earth. On the other hand, the furious Helin became evil and put a curse on Qingchen and Mingji - they would fall in love with each other in every life but their love would never have a happy ending. Little did Helin know that the love between the star-crossed lovers would became a force that could control Heaven, Hell and Earth after the seven reincarnations.

This may sound a bit cliched but the each video of the series is an epic tragic romance in its own right. One can only imagine how powerful it would be when the 7 instalments are finished!


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