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[personal profile] rodo who wrote a meta on bilingual fandom participation is conducting a poll on language and fandom. Do pimp this out to anyone who might be interested! (BTW, even if you just read in the fandom of another language, it counts too in this poll~)
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This is old news but apparently protest T-shirts against the RaceFail of The Last Airbender are violating copyright even though they contain only original images and have clearly political slogans on them.

I know this is not a court decision but I still haven't got over the HP Lexicon case even now.
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Finally, someone is writing about the experience of being in the fandom in different language communities of the same source text! Although she's talking about being in German and English fandoms at the same time, so many points ring true to my experience with the Chinese and English fandoms. I posted a rather tl;dr response there but I still may write a longer one here once I gather my thoughts.

(...somehow I seems to be in constant yay mode since moving to DW...)
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Reading the fan discussion panels of Muskrat Jamboree 2009 – that's when I wish I were a lot less poor and the US didn’t require visa to visit... How I wish I could go to these panels:

  • RPF: It's Not Really About Them
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Exploring Genderfuck/Genderswitch/Genderswap in Fannish Works
  • Little Black Dresses and Why We Love Them
  • High School, College Professors (and College), Dancing, Pilots, and Artists: Alternate Universes and Why We Love Them!
  • Fandom Ambassadors: Talking about Fic, Slash, and Fandom to People Who Just Don't Know or Just Don't Get It
  • "It's Alive!": What Keeps Closed Canons Open to Fandom?

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I know it's tempting to try out new things. I know you may think the song really fit the story - may enhance the story, even. But do you really have to have the song as the background music of the podfic? Not all podfics are easy to the ear. Background music (esp. songs with words), as a rule, does not help, at all.
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As someone not from the West, the best things about discovering slash on the internet are that it made me realise:
  1. I don't have to grow out of squeeing at any bit of hoyay I can find on TV, in films, in books, or anywhere. In fact, you could be a mum or a teacher and still be producing slash fics or vids and even raising the next generation of slash fans.
  2. every kink, every pairing has its fans. I'm not crazy to want Uther/Gaius slash. I'm no longer surprised at Transformers slash. I've grown to like a certain penguin verse.
  3. meta discussions can be so thought-provoking and so deep, and make what is on the surface a rather simple, shallow or commonplace piece of work so much better just because of the discussions sprung from it. And they are probably the only Eng. Lit. training I've ever had, considering that I haven't taken Eng. Lit. at school and Chinese literature just isn't that big on the analysis thing.

There are so much more, but these alone have made my life so much better already.

Het Meta?

Feb. 11th, 2009 08:45 pm
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It's a bit mind-boggling that Supernatural, a show that doesn't intend to be complex/deep (unlike perhaps BSG?), has inspired so much meta that it actually has a meta community ([ profile] spn_heavymeta).

There seems to be a lot of meta on slash on [ profile] metafandom alone. But what does het meta look like?


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