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Late to the party (as usual), I only came across this epic series of fanvids just now. Only 3 of the 7 planned instalments are out so far but the concept and the quality is unbelievably good. Here is a synopsis of the series:

A long, long time ago, an immortal called Helin was rejected by fellow immortal Qingchen who fell in love with the demon Mingji. Qingchen's forbidden love affair got him condemned to live out seven lives as a human on earth. On the other hand, the furious Helin became evil and put a curse on Qingchen and Mingji - they would fall in love with each other in every life but their love would never have a happy ending. Little did Helin know that the love between the star-crossed lovers would became a force that could control Heaven, Hell and Earth after the seven reincarnations.

This may sound a bit cliched but the each video of the series is an epic tragic romance in its own right. One can only imagine how powerful it would be when the 7 instalments are finished!
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It's a good thing I was watching this at home with friends because I kept yelling at Hong Lim "That's not how to have an affair" and "That's not how you treat someone who loves you so much despite everything".

There were many things that boggle the mind, like how incredible the boy king could have enough control of the court to actually start keeping a harem of boys (picked for their beauty) at such an early age, how gay it was that there were purple and pink and frilly collars despite the setting being historical Korea, how Hong Lim always seemed to be in more expensive clothing than the King when they are alone with each other, how there was no bodyguards sticking to the King's side in the first assassination scene (yet another proof that the bodyguards are not chosen for their ability to protect the king), how the security of the palace in the final scene is like Lex's security in Smallville (and Hong Lim was so uncannily Clark that he actually had the nerve to act righteously indignant when the King had been nothing but generous and loving towards him)...

But everything could be forgiven for all the prettiness and the heartbreakingly all-encompassing love the King had for Hong Lim. I can't quite imagine one person loving another so much and forgiving him/her so easily for treading on his/her heart repeatedly, except perhaps Lex (for Clark) in Smallville or Dean (for Sam) in Supernatural. It's so impossibly romantic that it fills my heart with warmth and ache at the same time and I just can't help loving it despite all the lapses in logic which would usually bug me.
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I like that the movie is about Kyle juggling his relationship with a boyfriend and his relationship with his needy male-to-female sister and the movie gets immeasurably better once cracks begin to appear between the lovers.

Still, the songs are the best thing about this movie. But the songs are really good and there are plenty of them in the movie (weirdly enough).

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I'm going to see this gorgeous film this Sunday, yay! Watching it on the big screen may well be a visual treat but the four of us squeeing at it however loud we want and making as many comments as we want? That's the beauty of watching a movie at home.

South Korea didn't have a very good track record of gay movies but it seems they've moved forward in leaps and bounds these couple of years, what with "Antique" and this film "A Frozen Flower":

So far I've heard nothing bad about it. I'm SO looking forward to watching it this weekend!
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There are so many things wrong with this film I don't know where to begin. Yet it seems so earnest to be a real film, a gay film even, that trashing it feels like hitting a small child.

I feel compelled to just point out only the good bits about it, like the beautiful cinematography (no doubt thanks to Herman Yau) and the stunning scenery that's worthy of films with much bigger budget, the easy willingness of the leads to lose their clothes for the film, and the concept of a relationship between a gay man and a straight man (that really hasn't been done well anywhere - but well actually this film doesn't do it well either, not by a long way).

The whole time at the cinema, I feel embarrassed for everyone involved in this film just because of the badness of it, but I also realise that I feel embarrassed for them because there's so much potential in the story it's easy to see that the concept would've been so much better executed and the gender politics so much better handled if it were in the hands of a better filmmaker. Instead I was there cringing and thinking how many Fry/Laurie fics or even how Eternal Summer has dealt with it better.
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I'm shocked to read that Amazon is deranking all books with gay and lesbian content (including Stephen Fry's autobiography!) as they consider them too "adult" for customers to see. I didn't believe it at first when I read this post about the seriousness of the censorship but then I search "homosexuality" in and found that, indeed, the first ranked search is "A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality" and the rest bible shit too.

I've been using Amazon for years but now I think I'm going to have to close my account there.

ETA: You can't find the book even when you type in the whole title and author. This is just insane!

Links about the situation - if real adult items are not labelled "Adult" but parenting books are, what do they mean by "Adult"?

I'm not sure how this GoogleBomb works but anyway: Amazon Rank


Mar. 16th, 2009 08:12 pm
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It just struck me that Jensen/Jared is like the typical Souya HIMAWARI (日輪早夜) manga - a sunny, younger guy winning the heart of a shy, older guy who's, like, REALLY pretty.
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I was about to give up on this TV movie but then I saw Bobby (a highschooler) met this slick businessman in the city, started an unlikely friendship despite their age difference, oblivious to how the man was attracted to him, the man confessing his love and offering to remain just friends if Bobby wants, they lived together as something like friends with benefits... It was just too much like Clex for me to turn away. And it helped me to really visualise what Clark and Lex's friendship will look like if a real 15-year-old was cast for the Clark role. It's real bummer, though, that the TV movie made the city guy to be a pedophile in the end. To be honest, I don't believe a real pedo would have so much acceptance from ordinary gay men as to have them (all presumably not pedo, except for that star athelete) around for dinner, for instance.
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As someone not from the West, the best things about discovering slash on the internet are that it made me realise:
  1. I don't have to grow out of squeeing at any bit of hoyay I can find on TV, in films, in books, or anywhere. In fact, you could be a mum or a teacher and still be producing slash fics or vids and even raising the next generation of slash fans.
  2. every kink, every pairing has its fans. I'm not crazy to want Uther/Gaius slash. I'm no longer surprised at Transformers slash. I've grown to like a certain penguin verse.
  3. meta discussions can be so thought-provoking and so deep, and make what is on the surface a rather simple, shallow or commonplace piece of work so much better just because of the discussions sprung from it. And they are probably the only Eng. Lit. training I've ever had, considering that I haven't taken Eng. Lit. at school and Chinese literature just isn't that big on the analysis thing.

There are so much more, but these alone have made my life so much better already.

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OMG, OMG, OMG... I had no idea Demetri Martin is starring in a gay film with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Just thinking about them together is making me squee (inside only though, because I'm at work - arrghhh... RL is a bitch)! It's wonderful that the film Taking Woodstock is directed by Ang Lee. There's no other director I would trust more with handling this right with subtleties and sensibility.

Thanks AfterElton for alerting me to this film! Now I have one more film to look forward to this year.

*back to squeeing inside*
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ZOMG, how did I not know that Bobby in "Prayers for Bobby" is Ryan from Smallville?!! Now I can see in my mind fanvid of a teenage Ryan arguing with his two gay dads about going on a date with his new boyfriend.


Dec. 25th, 2008 09:04 pm
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OMG, Russell T Davies watches Smallville too! I just love this man~


Nov. 25th, 2008 10:36 pm
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Merlin! There is no gayer show on TV right now
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I'm just grinning with tears in my eyes - can the ending of Beautiful People be any better?! I'm speechless with such warmth in my heart, just like the first time I watched Beautiful Thing. I've got to recommend this to everyone who'd care to listen~!

And before that I'd just watched Heroes 3x08 - together with Beautiful People, they had just made my day. Can Nathan and Peter be closer together without merging into one person?

OMG, I'm just overcome with happiness right now~
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I am liking Beautiful People and it's so great to see Tameka Empson again!
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I forgot I had seen Adam & Steve before so I downloaded it again, rather painstaking via Veoh too. Because of the trouble I went to, I watched the movie again. It's funnier than I remember, possibly because I subconsciously remember what kind of humour it has. If you don't expect too much originality, it's quite a good romantic comedy actually.

I've also forgotten I'd watched No Night Is Too Long. But at least I've got a better reason to hunt down this movie - I want to see what Marc Warren was like in this film. Both he and Lee Williams got this rather unhuman quality to them that they really add to their roles. And their scenes together really worked.
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Where are working-class gay people?
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I searched everywhere and finally got hold of Shanghai 1920 from I've never expected the DVD to be censored because the clip on YouTube clearly wasn't:

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John Lone's character is so smitten with Adrian Pasdar's character - it's just... love.

They me want to rewatch Cheap Killers so much!

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Why can't there be more gay gangster films?!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketGod this book is good! Yesterday I was going to follow up on my earlier comment and moan about the stock heroine-changing-a-man-with-love plot but in the rush I got from the marvellous ending of the story I think I can forget that bit. That's no way not to spoil anything if I'm to talk about what I like about this book. 

I don't know what I should do right now. I don't want to come down from this rush but the characters aren't really good enough for me to read the book again. I guess I'll just have to find something totally different to do - just to ride on this high for a while.

ETA. I never find the tags more apt. This book is really about reading, about the relationship between THE READER and THE WRITER. Although it seems to portray the relationship in a rather exaggerated and surreal way - no way can the reader bond with the writer like that in real life, can it? - it did make me think are we all writing for our Muses, our perfect readers?
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I'd always thought the narrator was a woman.
Nothing in the 1st-person narrative had given me any doubt. I didn't even bat an eyelid when the narrator found a girlfriend. Actually it rather confirmed my pre-conception that it was a woman because I'd seen this book in the Big Gay Read. The unconventional girlfriend seemed just like those weird lesbian characters which occur quite common in LGBT film/tv (at least lesbian rebels are much more common than gay male rebels)
I was shocked when I read this on p.20:
The prospect of meeting your girlfriend's father, or at least one of her fathers, is very intimidating. I began to panic.
"Should I put on a tie? I haven't got a tie."

Huh? When I finally realised in the next paragraphs that the narrator really is a man, I was wondering whether I should've re-read those 20 pages because I'd had a totally different picture in my mind.


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