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OMG, I don't know what I should say about this ep. I was just busy going:
  • Noah-centric ep, yay!
  • Awww... Noah's going all "Jensen in A Kept Boy" (I swear I'm going to finish my reflection on this fic someday!)
    and more flailing... behind cut )
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I'm just grinning with tears in my eyes - can the ending of Beautiful People be any better?! I'm speechless with such warmth in my heart, just like the first time I watched Beautiful Thing. I've got to recommend this to everyone who'd care to listen~!

And before that I'd just watched Heroes 3x08 - together with Beautiful People, they had just made my day. Can Nathan and Peter be closer together without merging into one person?

OMG, I'm just overcome with happiness right now~


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