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Finally, someone is writing about the experience of being in the fandom in different language communities of the same source text! Although she's talking about being in German and English fandoms at the same time, so many points ring true to my experience with the Chinese and English fandoms. I posted a rather tl;dr response there but I still may write a longer one here once I gather my thoughts.

(...somehow I seems to be in constant yay mode since moving to DW...)
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I've stopped and started with this idea but never found the time to do a thorough research or flesh out my idea. So I thought I'd just write it down now or else I'll fuck up again at work (I've just sent an invitation email to 30-odd people with the subject line "Draft invitation email") because of my preoccupation with this.

The thought first struck me when watching Slumdog Millionaire because Salim and Jamal were quite a lot like Nathan and Peter (a pragmatic vs a dreamer) and also quite a lot like Dean and Sam. Then I went through a list of memorable brothers on film and TV: Lincoln and Michael (Prison Break), Del-boy and Rodney (Only Fools and Horses), Edward and Alphonse (Fullmetal Alchemist)... 

It seems that more often than not the older brother acts as a sort of surrogate parent to the younger one rather than the competitor relationship that seems more common in real life. While it's very real for a close relationship to flourish between brothers who are orphaned or have parents who are so distant they might as well not be there, I cannot but wonder: Is it really so hard to write a supportive brotherly relationship without taking the parents away? Is it really so hard to write ordinary siblings at all?

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A very unscientific study which probably won't serve much purpose at all:
( Fan Fic Genre Stats )
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Arthur Weasley is #9 Best Movie Dad according to Moviefone. Yay!

Considering that Arthur's goodness and childishness is this obvious, why do so many weasleycest fic writers still write him as a demon disciplinarian? Is it really this difficult to write a fun-loving childish dad engaging in incest? I seem to have read somewhere that pedophiles are emotionally immature or stunted. Surely it doesn't take much manipulation of the canon to make this kind of fics seem plausible?
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rambling about mpreg )

(Edited because motherhood instinct is not mother nature. Watching Euro 2008 in a different time zone is a health hazard.)

ETA: Over at insanejournal, alchemia has posted a fascinating list of mainstream mpreg books and movies (among others). And it's a sure sign I should stop post the same thing to multiple journals.
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I can see a parallel between historical romance and Qiongyao's (瓊瑤) novels, and there are some similarities between yaoi in Chinese and yaoi in English. But I haven't seen any Mpreg in Chinese as yet. Is there a history of writing about pregnancy in English-language literature or romance fiction that Chinese fiction does not have?
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It really annoys me that many gender swap fics made the characters who have changed from male to female shorter and have longer hair. If this happens in a film or on a TV show, it would have been criticized by just about everyone but somehow fic writers just seem to get away with it. I don't know why.

Hair and height does not a woman make. There are plenty of tall girls out there and even more girls with short hair. I don't see why the guys should become shorter just because they are girls now. And honestly doesn't a six-foot-plus girl!Sam make for a better story than a girl of average height?

ETA: Apparently [ profile] teh_no posted a critique on how easily the male characters in gender-switch fics accept their new bodies.
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Went to a seminar on Truffaut today. It's about the image of women and children in his films. I like Truffaut's films about children but the women in his films kind of squick me. And a man talking (obsessively) about the women in Truffaut's film squicked me even more.

But it got me thinking about the many women writers who write about men and about love between men. In The Publishing Triangle's 100 Best Lesbian and Gay Novels lists, we see for example The Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar, The Persian Boy by Mary Renault, The Front Runner by Patricia Nell Warren, Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, and China Mountain Zhang by Maureen McHugh. In addition, Swordspoint, The Talented Mr Ripley, The Man Without a Face and Drawing Blood are all written by women. 

We see men fetishizing lesbians in the TV comedy Coupling and in numerous straight porn. But men writing about lesbian relationship? There is The Hours, but that's about it. 

Maybe relationship, especially writing about it, is still a female domain...


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