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As I get older, my music taste had become stuck in the 90s. I don't listen to the radio any more. Nor do I watch the charts or hang out at HMVs. I only get to know any new music ("new" meaning any music I hadn't known before graduating from university) through movies, TV drama, fan vids or fan mixes.

That's why I'm so glad [profile] with_a_kay posted this Losechesters fanmix which introduced me to Camera Obscura's Let's Get out of This Country. It makes me inordinately happy to think about the Winchester boys when listening to this song:
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I like that the movie is about Kyle juggling his relationship with a boyfriend and his relationship with his needy male-to-female sister and the movie gets immeasurably better once cracks begin to appear between the lovers.

Still, the songs are the best thing about this movie. But the songs are really good and there are plenty of them in the movie (weirdly enough).

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Listening to Land of a Thousand Words again, I tried to picture which pairings can use it for fanvid. A quick search in YouTube showed that there is one for Dean/Sam (Supernatural) and some vids which have no specific pairings, such as The Doctor and his companions (I thought the song only works for 2 people?), Ghost in the Shell, and Johnny Depp, ahem.

Which brings me to the thought of the many English songs that are ATG, i.e. Any Two Guys (BTW, knowing this term probably shows my age). Sometimes I wonder whether studio-written pop is all bad, considering the breadth and depth of the variety and facets of love Canto-pop lyrics cover although 99.9% of the songs are written by lyricists which can be counted on one hand. In contrast, many American and British pop/rock songs just tread the same old ground over and over again lyrics-wise because it's pure luck whether the band/songwriter have a talent for lyrics.

That said, I still prefer songs written by the bands/artists themselves for their "authenticity", although I should've known better with my translation studies training.

BTW, the Doctor fanvid makes me really want to rewatch the whole four series before the finale this Saturday.
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I knew this was going to appear on YouTube. Oh I just love that night~
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Tomorrow is the 17th anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre.
We will never forget.

歷史的傷口 (Hear the song here)

Cover our eyes and you think we cannot see
Plug our ears and you think we cannot hear
Yet the truth is in our hearts
The pain is in our chests
How much longer do we have to endure?
How much longer do we have to keep silent?

If tears can wash away the dirt...
If blood can bring us freedom...
Let tomorrow remember today's outcry
Let the whole world see the wound of history!

Modified from the translation by Ron ZHANG and XIAO Tong
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Just heard The Tears' latest gig.
Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler were like they'd never been apart.
OMG, now I'm aching for some Suede slash. I wish I could find some :(
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Got the idea for this story when it was May, but now it's already August. Alright, this may not be a good story, but it can still work as writing practice, I guess.

Now this is my first task for today: Write the first draft for this story. And try to use what I've learnt.


such a lovely day
so let's go out and play
look directly at the sun
get sunstroke one by one

without filters
no sunglasses
Without hurry
without worry
with four bunnies
and five puppies
and six teddies
and nine penguins

in the morning we are sleeping
watching tv till the evening
in the night we go out drinking
we loaf about for a living

--- Flowers, by the Pancakes
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Listening to Pancakes, trying desperately to cheer myself up.

Quotes filed for later use:

All those thick books that we read together
I burnt them 'cos I felt cold in the summer
All those things we told each other
Today I can't remember any longer
I tried to turn my diary, get some memories
but in vain 'cos I don't even remember your name

From time to time
I ask why
not because I wonder why
I wanna fly not because I have seen the blue sky

Do you have time to get tired

All those dreams we made together
Like bubbles, they flew up and burst in the air
Once we were naive enough to chase after them
We used to fall but hey so what
We're truly happy


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