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Jun. 2nd, 2006 08:07 pm
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I didn't know the Bus Uncle video actually made it to international news:

A six-minute film showing a grumpy man scolding a fellow Hong Kong bus rider for interrupting his phone call has become one of the most popular videos online.

"Bus Uncle," as the film is commonly known, has been viewed nearly 1.7 million times on the video Web site Youtube.com _ the second most-viewed video on the site in May as of Thursday _ spawning spoofs and new slang drawn from the ranting subject's emotionally charged soliloquy.

The grainy film was apparently recorded using a mobile phone...

I can't believe it sprawned such a long page at Wikipedia. And there's even a full transcript of their altercation at Wikiquote!

But this page is the funniest I've seen so far:
(And educational too... ...)
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Resurfacing after a series of sleepless nights writing my term papers...


Czeck Republic Takes First Step Toward Legal Gay Marriage

By Danny McCoy

(Prague, Czeck Republic) – The lower house of the Czech parliament approved a law legalizing civil partnerships for same-sex couples on Friday, in spite of strong opposition inside Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek's coalition government.
The Christian Democrats, the second largest group in the three-party government, refused to support the legislation, arguing that it damaged the traditional perception of the family.

However, many Communist Party deputies sided with Paroubek's left-wing Social Democrats, the main government party, to approve the bill, which could face a rough ride in the opposition-dominated Senate.

According to a lower house press official, 86 of the 147 deputies present voted in favor of the law while 54 were against and the rest abstained. Fifty-three others were not present during the vote.

According to Reuters, Paroubek supported the law, though he cound not attend because of a European Union summit.

The new rules allow same-sex couples to officially register their relationship. It also allows access to information on the health of a gay partner.

If the Senate rejects the legislation, the lower house can override it with an absolute majority of 101 in the 200-seat lower house.

Earlier this year, Spain legalized gay marriage. The Netherlands and Belgium also both allow gay marriage while a law legalizing same-sex unions goes into effect in the United Kingdom this coming week.

From: http://www.gaywired.com/article.cfm?section=9&id=7942


I'm craving for wedding fics now.............


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This may be old news but God...

Soccer players expelled for gay sex

In an incident that was described by some reports as scandalous, four soccer players were expelled from their club in Varna, Bulgaria, for having sex in the team locker room. The four were apparently expelled from the MAX club after being caught in a sex foursome in the changing room, according to the Sofia News Agency.

Coach Georgi Dimov confirmed the disclosure, saying that the gay players were kicked out for damaging the club's reputation, according to 7 Dni Sport newspaper. MAX is currently struggling to enter professional football and is negotiating with potential sponsors, the report said.

Outsports.com reports that Bulgaria has some pro-gay antidiscrimination laws. However, according to the International Lesbian and Gay Association, the Bulgarian penal code prohibits "scandalous homosexuality," homosexuality in public, and activities that may "lead to perversion." Violation of these laws can be punished with one to five years imprisonment and "social disgrace."

Early reaction from soccer fans on the SNA Web site range from outrage that gay players would be kicked off a team to understanding that sex in the workplace, gay or straight, is unacceptable. (Advocate.com)

Taken from http://www.advocate.com/news_detail_ektid23261.asp
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Unjust law for gay men repealed

This is a historical moment for the Hong Kong gay community. An
apartheid based on sexual orientation that has existed for 14 years since the
decriminalization of male homosexual conduct in 1991 is eliminated
today by the High Court. In a judicial review application filed by a
20-year-old gay man, the High Court ruled that 4 sections of the Crimes
Ordinance (namely, sections 118C, F, H and J), relating to intimate conduct
between men, are unconstitutional by having different treatment for gay
men as opposed to heterosexuals.

The Court ruled that the unequal age of consent for male homosexuals at
21 as opposed to that of 16 for heterosexuals contravenes the equal
protection provisions in the Bill of Rights as well as the Basic Law. The
law was discriminatory on the ground of sex as well as sexual
orientation. The Court further ruled the offence of gross decency which lacks a solid definition outlawing intimate behaviour between men to be
unconstitutional as well.

The unjust law will have to be struck down from statute books by a
legislative reform. Before that happens, the High Court judgment renders
it unenforceable, taking Hong Kong down from the list of places having
the highest age of consent for homosexuals in the world. However, 63
men were arrested, some prosecuted and convicted under that law between
1998 and 2003. These men are barred from working as teachers, social
workers, in health care and other caring professions. As the law is
unjust and repealed, the criminal records of these men should be
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International Day Against Homophobia


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