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After all these years, I'm amazed that I still keep forgetting I can love someone's work but don't like the person at all.
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I need to get back into the habit of writing but I’m always so easily distracted into doing something else.

So book reviews:

Keeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters
I bought it because it seemed to be one of those must-read lesbian coming-of-age books. But perhaps I shouldn't have expected too much of it. I lost interest real fast when it became clear to me the characters are not really engaging and the plot is predictable to say the least.

I appreciate her taking on rare topics like transgendered children and children of lesbian divorce in Luna and Between Mom & Jo. Although her writing is not much better in those two books, at least the premise and the characters are interesting enough to keep me going.

Psycop: Partners by Jordan Castillo Price
It’d been a long time since I read a novel I bought commercially that I can truly say is better than fanfiction (or least on a par with) that I can read for free. It’s the mark of truly good writing when the preface of sort is a half-page excerpt of the book and that alone has established the character and the premise and managed to grip me to read through the whole thing. Since the two paperback sequels are not available from bookdepository, I’ve bought the ebook version online and I planned to finish as soon as I can.

T Is for Television: The Small Screen Adventures of Russell T. Davies
I only came across this book via on-line bookstores. Thank God for them! I love RTD to bits. Especially because so many things about him resonate with me and inspire me - he's a much better version of what I wish I'd be. This book gives us an inside look at how various shows of his came about and developed. AND it tells us what the unmade Misfits series would be like - it's just a must-read for his fans & QAF fans!
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Reading [ profile] thenyxie's Ouroboros, I'm overwhelmed by the picture of Dean doing the Rose Tyler Time Vortex things. Seriously, how cool and how gorgeous would it be if Dean were the antichrist and get to do a glowing god-like trance thing?

I've just gone through all the SPN RPS podfics in the podfic archive and is making my way through the FPS podfics. They're like a short-cut for me now since I have no idea what the must-reads or hall-of-fame in this fandom are. Sometimes I just wish SPN fics are as easy to navigate as the SV fics were...
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Yesterday I finished reading Watchmen in one go and I'm still overwhelmed by this graphic novel. I'll definitely buy this book as I'm quite sure I'll want to read it again. I can see how existentialism, the thought of that age, has affected it. I just wish I could fully feel the Cold War angst that's so fundamental to it - but I was too young in the 80s to have a lasting memory of what it must be like to have a nuclear war looming just over the horizon.

It's a pity only the IMAX version will be uncut. The only screening I can go to on weekdays is 9:30 pm but it'll be close to 12:30 am when it finishes and the IMAX cinema is over an hour away from my home :(

Supernatural RPS
Why did I wait so many years to dip into the SPN RPS fics? And why do I have hang-ups about AU fics again? It's amazing there are so many talented people in the SPN fandom. Not only are the meta great. There are some really great fics too. And in some really unexpected forms no less - like, housecat!Jared/hamster!Jensen slash. Never have interspecies(, non-human) love feel so hot and cute!

ETA: Watchmen is yet another wonderful thing that SPN has led me to try out. But for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I'd never have read the graphic novel no matter how much the fanboys love it (I still haven't watched Ironman) as I've always been suspicious of what fanboys like.

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I love this book. It articulates exactly what I've wanted to say for a long time why I love TV so much more than film: Only with the length and the serial nature of TV can the complex, multi-layered stories I like be fully expressed. And it says that eloquently with examples of several genres too, and shows I've actually watched and loved, such as Queer as Folk, This Life and Cracker.

(...I know, it's a clear sign of procrastination when I'm posting so frequently.)
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A very unscientific study which probably won't serve much purpose at all:
( Fan Fic Genre Stats )
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rambling about mpreg )

(Edited because motherhood instinct is not mother nature. Watching Euro 2008 in a different time zone is a health hazard.)

ETA: Over at insanejournal, alchemia has posted a fascinating list of mainstream mpreg books and movies (among others). And it's a sure sign I should stop post the same thing to multiple journals.
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A good scene stays with you all the time. I was reading the Life on Mars fic "All These Editions of You", the last part of which was written in Annie's POV. The ending scene with Sam/Gene semi- in the public (outside the pub but out of everyone's sight) somehow reminded me of the Velvet Goldmine scene where Brian and Curt were spotted in the garden. Although the 2 scenes are not really alike, the connection
just filled my heart with tremendous warmth and made both scenes ten times better than they felt before.
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Harry Potter will be required reading for A-level English in England. When will our public exam include works of contemporary significance?
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地圖集的圖像 董啟章的書,除了練習簿之外,我最喜歡的就是地圖集。它一點也不沉重,也不像以性別為題材的那幾本小說那麼硬銷(男人寫性別小說,即是男性的女性主義者,也一定看得出是男人手筆),而且每一章都滲著幽默,香港人看到會會心微笑的幽默。你完全可以毫無機心、毫無準備地去看這本書,當它是掌故一樣開始去看 -- 其實這樣去看效果也許更好,因為當你把書看到一半,當你開始懷疑書中所言是否屬實,當你回想以前學過的/聽過的歷史,你便開始領略到它的奧妙。

crossposted to aNobii review
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I've just spent the whole day adding to my virtual bookshelf at aNobii. Apart from the many languages it supports (from English, Japanese, the 2 Chinese scripts to even Finnish), it's got almost any function I could think of. I haven't really got a habit of making notes at the margins before but now I may try writing notes on some pages of Hallucinating Foucault which the site also has a function for.

ETA: I'm now digging up my old notes on what I've read that are now scattered all over the place (some in hard copy only) so that I can enter the dates I finished reading the books. God, this aNobii thing is really addictive!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketGod this book is good! Yesterday I was going to follow up on my earlier comment and moan about the stock heroine-changing-a-man-with-love plot but in the rush I got from the marvellous ending of the story I think I can forget that bit. That's no way not to spoil anything if I'm to talk about what I like about this book. 

I don't know what I should do right now. I don't want to come down from this rush but the characters aren't really good enough for me to read the book again. I guess I'll just have to find something totally different to do - just to ride on this high for a while.

ETA. I never find the tags more apt. This book is really about reading, about the relationship between THE READER and THE WRITER. Although it seems to portray the relationship in a rather exaggerated and surreal way - no way can the reader bond with the writer like that in real life, can it? - it did make me think are we all writing for our Muses, our perfect readers?
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Just joined aNobil. Didn't do much except importing my list from LIbraryThing which hasn't been updated for ages.
Might need to spend a whole night updaitng this booklist then. Somehow the Japanese manga I got just couldn't be imported into this thing.

I've entered over 80% of my books in aaNobii, I think. One thing that's really clear from this exercise is that, I'm terribly greedy - I've got about 150 books on my shelves which I haven't even started reading!
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I'd always thought the narrator was a woman.
Nothing in the 1st-person narrative had given me any doubt. I didn't even bat an eyelid when the narrator found a girlfriend. Actually it rather confirmed my pre-conception that it was a woman because I'd seen this book in the Big Gay Read. The unconventional girlfriend seemed just like those weird lesbian characters which occur quite common in LGBT film/tv (at least lesbian rebels are much more common than gay male rebels)
I was shocked when I read this on p.20:
The prospect of meeting your girlfriend's father, or at least one of her fathers, is very intimidating. I began to panic.
"Should I put on a tie? I haven't got a tie."

Huh? When I finally realised in the next paragraphs that the narrator really is a man, I was wondering whether I should've re-read those 20 pages because I'd had a totally different picture in my mind.
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Recovering from a bad cold that has lasted all week. I've been going straight to bed after dinner every night throughout this - Imagine that! Luckily the football season is over and it's summer hiatus for most TV shows so I don't have to worry about those at least.

I'm still trying to clear the books I've bought over the years. I'm reading Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye and Bend Sinister: The Gay Times Book of Disturbing Stories - I'm mostly bored with the former but quite entertained by the latter.

I guess I must've bought Cat's Eye because it's on some women's writings reading list. I like the subject it deals with. In fact, I wish more people would write about growing up as girls. But it's far too slow for my current state of mind. I just don't have the patience to sit through 70 pages before Cordelia actually appears.

Bend Sinister is completely different. Anthologies can be hit-or-miss, especially anthologies of ghetto literature - Bending the Landscape: Fantasy is one of those I don't quite enjoy and haven't really finished - but this book is quite an entertaining mix of varied horror/supernatural and thriller/crime. I even toyed with the idea of using one of the short stories in my translation workshop but I guess anything with sex or homosexuality wouldn't have gone down very well in class discussion, esp. with a professor who is over sixty years old and some classmates who are born again Christians.

ETA: This post took me two days to upload - I don't know what's wrong with LJ. Anyway, I've now finished reading both Bend Sinister and Bending the Landscape: Fantasy. In hindsight, both are just quite forgettable, just another notch on my Books Read list.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI finished the book this morning so that I could bring it to the library along with several books I wanted to give away. I still have tons of books at home which I haven't touched at all after buying - I must enforce the one-in-one-out policy more strictly. And don't shop online.

This novel is better than I expected actually. The story feels so real, esp. the protagonist's double life online and off. But the relationship between the protagonist and his boyfriend (who is married and has a child too) and the not very crafted writing reminds me of Invisible Life. Still, there seems to be a fundamental difference between Chinese and English gay romance novels: Chinese ones just seems more harlequin.

So do Taiwanese gay films apparently. Just like Go Go G-boys the fluffy romantic comedy that's just come out.


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