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In the Q&A after the book, Brent Hartinger admitted that the character Russell was kind of "him" with all his best traits. I couldn't help squeeing a little inside because that's just what I do. Curt Wilde said in Velvet Goldmine, a real artist creates beautiful things and puts nothing of his own life into them. But that's not what I do. And therefore, if you like my characters, chances are you may like me too, although in reality the reverse may be more likely.

I met my BFF in secondary school. She's the first one who's read my stories and the one constantly nags me to write, not just because she's a good friend but because she likes my characters too. I've been trying to write Albus/Gellert and Albus/Severus but somehow Albus's voice just eludes me. With the pressing deadline, I know I should just concentrate on my original fic. Then I'll at least have something done. If you've read this far, you'll probably know that, this, is yet another post written just for procrastinaton.
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Arthur Weasley is #9 Best Movie Dad according to Moviefone. Yay!

Considering that Arthur's goodness and childishness is this obvious, why do so many weasleycest fic writers still write him as a demon disciplinarian? Is it really this difficult to write a fun-loving childish dad engaging in incest? I seem to have read somewhere that pedophiles are emotionally immature or stunted. Surely it doesn't take much manipulation of the canon to make this kind of fics seem plausible?
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I can see a parallel between historical romance and Qiongyao's (瓊瑤) novels, and there are some similarities between yaoi in Chinese and yaoi in English. But I haven't seen any Mpreg in Chinese as yet. Is there a history of writing about pregnancy in English-language literature or romance fiction that Chinese fiction does not have?
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It really annoys me that many gender swap fics made the characters who have changed from male to female shorter and have longer hair. If this happens in a film or on a TV show, it would have been criticized by just about everyone but somehow fic writers just seem to get away with it. I don't know why.

Hair and height does not a woman make. There are plenty of tall girls out there and even more girls with short hair. I don't see why the guys should become shorter just because they are girls now. And honestly doesn't a six-foot-plus girl!Sam make for a better story than a girl of average height?

ETA: Apparently [ profile] teh_no posted a critique on how easily the male characters in gender-switch fics accept their new bodies.
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This is the last day of Christmas holiday and I'm having a serious writers' block.
I'm supposed to have finished Harry Potter Infernal Affairs by now but I'm fiddling with anything but that.
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Sent our doujinshi to print yesterday. I am officially dead.

I was still the last one to submit my work – wrote 'til 4:30am Sunday morning and then continue from 10:30am through 1:30pm.

The exhaustion didn't sink in until this morning when I was on my way to work. I was dizzy, nauseous and clammy with cold sweat.

But I'm still glad I've made it this time! And there are so many doujinshis to look forward to at Comic World 20.
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Our latest doujinshi "Underground #2" is going to come out in this Sunday's Comic World 19. YES!!!!! (Although actually I only contributed to the glossary pages this time.)

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Title: A Valentine's Day Gift for a Friend
Author: opengoal
Pairing: John Terry / Frank Lampard
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Silly Valentine's Day fluff
Author's Notes: This is a rush job, an unedited fic but I had set myself a deadline (Valentine's Day) and I'd already sacrificed too much not to finish this on time.
(fic behind cut) )
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I spent days trying to write a Souness/Tugay fic but this Ian Harte/Gary Kelly drabble is all I have to show for it.

It's PG and everything's just implied, but don't click if you're squicked. )
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Went to a seminar on Truffaut today. It's about the image of women and children in his films. I like Truffaut's films about children but the women in his films kind of squick me. And a man talking (obsessively) about the women in Truffaut's film squicked me even more.

But it got me thinking about the many women writers who write about men and about love between men. In The Publishing Triangle's 100 Best Lesbian and Gay Novels lists, we see for example The Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar, The Persian Boy by Mary Renault, The Front Runner by Patricia Nell Warren, Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, and China Mountain Zhang by Maureen McHugh. In addition, Swordspoint, The Talented Mr Ripley, The Man Without a Face and Drawing Blood are all written by women. 

We see men fetishizing lesbians in the TV comedy Coupling and in numerous straight porn. But men writing about lesbian relationship? There is The Hours, but that's about it. 

Maybe relationship, especially writing about it, is still a female domain...
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Translated 3 Harry Potter ficlets for a friend. Still too lazy to write my own stuffs.
Came across a great webhosting plan today. Shame I've already prepaid a year for the current one.
I'm learning to type Chinese. Making quite some progress, methinks.
Got to look for a new job quick - still I just feel too damned lazy... and tired because of the world cup.
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At school, my English teachers and Chinese teachers always told us to keep a journal so as to improve our writing. I've tried it several time, even bought some very cute and expensive diary books to increase my motivation/resolve. Usually I would write some very lengthy entries in the first few days - at best weeks - but I'd give up after a month, usually after a couple of really busy days which gave me an excuse to forget it.

I'm feeling optimistic today (I've just finished a new instalment to a series! YES!) I'm hoping this time it would be better...

I'm still learning the ropes with this LiveJournal thing. Let's hope I get this sorted out soon.


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