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I noticed this post "Attn Germans in Fandom: Internet Censorship debate and why this concerns YOU)" only just now because I've been mostly away from the Internet for the past week (I'm terribly behind with my work at the office. I feel so incompetent that it's not even funny).

Around the time of the June 4th anniversary, I was secretly squeeing that people finally became more aware of the internet censorship in China. Why? Because I was hoping that a real-life example of what an infrastructure of censorship can do will finally make people see what the apparently innocuous, or even righteous, call for more censorship against obscenity that's been gaining political ground and moral high ground here.

It's so easy for the conservatives (and people with secret political motives) to sway public opinion to tightening control of the internet by framing the question in such a way that all anti-censorship people are pedophiles, perverts, depraved sex fiends who don't care that children are being "corrupted" by pornographic materials (I don't believe this is corruption for one bit - but then if I say this, this will only be cited as example of how depraved and evil I am). And for the same reason, no politician who cares about his career will stand up against censorship of pornography, if the whole debate is about pornography.


Aug. 4th, 2007 07:38 am
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Following the latest witchhunt on LJ, I'm seriously considering migrating from LJ to InsaneJournal. I'm still figuring out how to move my posts there - LJ-Sec doesn't seem to work for me. Anyway, my username at InsaneJournal is the same as here. So maybe I'll see you on the other side.

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I had no idea how active the Italian online community is until I joined the virutal bookshelf aNobii. I'm getting invitation to Italian-speaking groups almost every day.
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I can never get anything done every time I go to look up something in Wikipedia. I was looking for info about Dodgy but somehow I ended up browsing the entries for Geocities, Fortunecity and Tripod, followed by the immense nostalgia and a sadness about how easily our history can disappear like it never happened.

Ackbar Abbas's Hong Kong: Culture and the Politics of Disappearance is a set text for anyone who studies Hong Kong culture. I can't help thinking that the internet life of our generation is exactly like that. Or maybe it'll disappear even more completely than Hong Kong. We were the generation when the internet boom first hit Hong Kong. We remember how we browsed and picked which neighbourhood in Geocities or Fortunecity to make our home. We remember the joy when xoom first arrived (and the pain when it went away). We remember joining Link Exchange and Web Ring and when that actually worked. We remember downloading clip art (esp. background, bars & buttons set) all over the web and actually using just that to make our sites. And the EFF ribbon was on every non-commercial site everywhere.

We remember newsgroups. We used mailing lists. And I spent hours and hours editing dmoz (the Open Directory Project) - even got the labels. And I remember, like I remember the pirate copies of Saint Seiya doujinshis that were sold at every newsagent like they were proper Japanese manga. I remember when Ai no kusabi VCDs (also pirate versions) were openly sold in shopping malls.

But I guess trying to explain that to the younger generations would only get blank faces, like that time when I tried explaining the DOS and Eten years to a colleague a couple of years younger than me.
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I've just spent the whole day adding to my virtual bookshelf at aNobii. Apart from the many languages it supports (from English, Japanese, the 2 Chinese scripts to even Finnish), it's got almost any function I could think of. I haven't really got a habit of making notes at the margins before but now I may try writing notes on some pages of Hallucinating Foucault which the site also has a function for.

ETA: I'm now digging up my old notes on what I've read that are now scattered all over the place (some in hard copy only) so that I can enter the dates I finished reading the books. God, this aNobii thing is really addictive!
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Just joined aNobil. Didn't do much except importing my list from LIbraryThing which hasn't been updated for ages.
Might need to spend a whole night updaitng this booklist then. Somehow the Japanese manga I got just couldn't be imported into this thing.

I've entered over 80% of my books in aaNobii, I think. One thing that's really clear from this exercise is that, I'm terribly greedy - I've got about 150 books on my shelves which I haven't even started reading!


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