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The boys were disappointing (as expected) but like someone said in the stands, I didn't even know there were so many West Ham fans in Hong Kong:

(Note: The mascots weren't pre-arranged. The guy just rounded up all kids in West Ham shirts in the stands.)
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*still grinning ear to ear from last night's victory*

Incidentally the two Croatia games are the only games I really watched during this tournament. Just by chance not by design, I should add.

And I somehow missed all the matches that everyone says are the best. :(
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Just watched the Euro 2008. How cute was Klinsmann's smile when he knew of Germany's group! And Bilic was sooo........ cool! Donadoni was gorgeous (even more so than his playing days, IMO). Will there be fic please?
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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the line-up. It's almost the same people as I was still writing about them - and admittedly I've stopped writing for quite a long time.

I really like how England actually looks like a team today. There're lots of passes and solid footwork from all of the players, something that couldn't be said of England for quite some time. There's some lack of creativity and firepower up front but on the whole, I'm liking what I see. But I'm probably biased, considering there are 3 ex-Hammers in the side whom I really liked.

MU 0-1 WHU

May. 14th, 2007 12:14 am
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We stayed up!

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West Ham 2-2 Ipswich
God, some things never change.

Just watched the final episode of Playing it Striaght (UK). Danny is such an asshole. Thank God Zoe didn't pick him! And Ben is so cute~
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Just saw the infamous pics of Beckham in his underwear with Gary Neville by his side. It's great to see them get back together.
After all, no matter how much I don't like Gary, this pair still looks like the greatest love story that never happens. Just take a look at how they connect on the pitch and how close they are off it. Oh God, they are together in a hotel room and Becks is only wearing a white brief! What chance does Gary have? Is his forlorn expression caused by this angst?
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I knew all along it would be penalty shoot-out, because this is Ireland.
I just didn't know they would be performing like that. So little confidence. So many unforced errors. And so little pressure on the Spaniards in the midfield.

It was almost like they were just turning up. They weren't trying half as hard as they had been. They could've played better, much better but instead they were contented to lose, because they a "glorious" defeat would've been enough. Except I really don't think that was "glorious", I don't think they tried enough. & It pained me to see them like that. Granted, Spain may be superior in skill on average, but Ireland didn't play as disjointedly against Holland or Portugal, did they?


Sep. 24th, 2001 01:43 pm
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Who'd have thought?!
When Hutch scored, I was so relieved that we finally managed to score from open play. (& I don't need the commentators to remind me that was our first!)
And God, the jitters when our defence was uner pressure! Why did they all disappear when needed? But for Repka, we could've been slaughtered. Yet, at the other end, we missed opportunities after opportunities.
Still, after the match, I have never felt so much joy for a long time. With Kanoute back, we're back to what we have been like.
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Couldn't get up this morning to watch Arsenal vs Schalke. Almost couldn't get up to sign the contract, either.

I guess I'll do just fine. The principal seems to consider this post a temporary one and she's so ready to let the TA's go that I guess she's probably not that demanding. The clerks are all dressed rather casually - at least more casually than my old school's. I guess it may be turn out to be fine.

At least there's one thing I'm definitely very very happy about... the working time: 9:30am to 5:30pm. So, I don't have to get up early after all.

Jesus, I'm mumbling... incoherent... it's not a good sign... I've got to stay sane and sober.
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... 3-5-2
... ... Sinclair and Hutch up front
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Cascarino's "Full Time" arrived on Friday. Read it over night. Can't put it down (It's that good!)

& it got me thinking about the setting and characterisation of my fanfic... It certainly wasn't really responsible for me not to do more background research before writing away. I'm determined to finish reading Hoddle's book about the world cup this week.

Saw a Joe Cole pic on a msgboard - really didn't know he's that muscular

I was going to write a match report - in fact two - on the night Ireland beat Holland and England beat Germany. But I was too tired. & I've never had the time to do that since.

My typing has improved a little bit but not really that much. Still mixing up the T & Y keys.

Compiling a erotica phrase book of my own. Dunno when I'll finally be fed up with reading erotica.
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Almost had a heart attack watching the Ireland game. Thank God they've won! But they'll prob. still have to go to the playoffs :(

Don't have time to chk the other scores yet, 'cos I went to sleep at around 3:30am after watching the England game, then got up at eight ('cos I've bought the ticket for a film at 10, and I've got to fix my hair and all...) Only just got back home now. Need to catch some sleep...
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Just heard from the news that Ireland will be playing the 3rd-place Asian team if they finish as runners-up in their group. I really hope they won't get complacent...
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Big international weekend coming up. Hope Ireland will win it this time. Beats me how the Dutch can get away with doping. After 2 Dutch players were tested positive, the UEFA should've tested their whole squad. But no, they actually banned De Boer during the summer. Funny how the ban ends just before the crunch Ireland game.
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Just about recuperated from watching so much football during the weekend.

Another commendable performance from the lads. Would never have thought they'd worked so hard when it was so hot. For the first time, I'm feeling optimistic.

McCann was still crap, though. And Roeder still didn't know how to use substitution. But the future is bright. It's got to be.


Aug. 19th, 2001 03:48 pm
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Lost 1-2. Predictably.
What really got me down was that our defensive shambles and the fact that we generally didn't gel.
And Roeder didn't know a thing about substitution. Just like Harry.

Watched Coverboys again. Still love the scene between Tim Hamilton and Johan Paulik. Cheered me up a bit.

Need to go to my grandma's birthday dinner. That's the last thing I want now. Especially because it clashes with live Premiership matches.

Could I possibly slip Thai massage in my stories???
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Channel 5 and 7 of Cable are now Starsports and ESPN. Nothing worse could've happened. All 3 sports channels were showing golf when I switched it on. Could things have been more boring???!!

Frantically searched for and downloaded the new timetable. Terrible scheduling and even worse promotion campaign... But they actually described West Ham as a big club, so maybe I shouldn't go easy on them.

Eagerly awaiting the reopening of my Stephen Ting fan page, though...

Fucked up the lunch today. Would not try cooking again for at least a month.

Thought men couldn't write lesbian porn but I was wrong.

The Trainspotting slash "Hardly a Substitute" was GREAT!!!!!

I myself haven't done much though.
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1. Wondered how tall Carrick is right now. He kept falling over.
2. James' injury
3. Smith looked tasty pouting.

Wish Joe Cole was there...

!! Should be working on my vocab & description skills today !!


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