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Finally, someone is writing about the experience of being in the fandom in different language communities of the same source text! Although she's talking about being in German and English fandoms at the same time, so many points ring true to my experience with the Chinese and English fandoms. I posted a rather tl;dr response there but I still may write a longer one here once I gather my thoughts.

(...somehow I seems to be in constant yay mode since moving to DW...)
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Translation Practice too:

Interviewing Ye Zhi-wei
Written by Tommy Tse
(An article in Fe/male Bodies, a bookazine on body/gender/sexuality)

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by Ye Zhi-wei

Foreplay - Sharing Warmth
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Translator's Notes:

This started as a whim. Considering how short my attention span is, I'm amazed I'm still doing it.

I chose Trio not because it's a masterpiece or anything. It's just that Yezhiwei is one of the most popular gay novelists in Hong Kong and it seems to me that Trio may be the one book that will translate best. His other books are so Hong Kong that it would be as difficult as trying to translate Stephen Chow into English, which wouldn't be the stroll-in-the-park practice I wanted.

Enough said. I better start doing the next part.

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My term papers are due at the end of April, so it's time for some productive procrastinaton. 

Translation Practice

Details of Source Text:
Title: Trio (重疊, Cung Dip)
Author: Ye Zhi-wei (
Genre: Gay romance
Published: March 2006
Publisher: Kubrick
ISBN: 988-97905-9-9

Some say, "Destiny is the crossing of two parallel lines".
But what kind of a love story will the crossing of three parallel lines make?
Franki, Sam and Vincent, three men who would steal and cheat and do anything for love, are calling out, "Don't people over thirty-five have the right to love?"
The right they may have. But maybe... they don't know how to love.
Just like many of us, they do not expect to have an ending they would look forward to.

Three winters, three men, one Anita Mui. Everyone has a tale worth a thousand words.

Prologue - Night Chat
Foreplay - Sharing Warmth
Process - Style 1: Self-confidence


More about Ye Zhi-wei:
- Interviewing Ye Zhi-wei (An article in Fe/male Bodies written by Tommy Tse)

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我這次 term paper的題目是翻譯與BL,希望大家可以幫忙填填這份問卷!

TRA6002B Advanced Translation Studies

因為「市面上」太少BL research (自己又不喜歡外面對BL的負面論述) ,所以一直想做BL的research。難得這個教授看來比較寬鬆,所以我就博一博去做了。


Survey results are now posted here:

Sorry but it's in Chinese only.
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Translated 3 Harry Potter ficlets for a friend. Still too lazy to write my own stuffs.
Came across a great webhosting plan today. Shame I've already prepaid a year for the current one.
I'm learning to type Chinese. Making quite some progress, methinks.
Got to look for a new job quick - still I just feel too damned lazy... and tired because of the world cup.


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